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” — Councillor Doug Ford being coy about whether he will run again for city council

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Sahl is angry at the fascist forces of darkness that evening dresses 2016 he believes murdered his friend in broad daylight. And he’s almost as angry at the left for watching Oprah instead of stopping the takeover by the Military Industrial Complex.LUNCHBlack pencil skirt, Femme de Carriere $160.00Blush chiffon blouse with rosettes, Femme de Carriere $110.00Steve Madden blush platform pumps, Town Shoes $125.00Patent bag, Town Shoes $79.95 Triple strand pearls, Aldo Accessories $18.00“I don’t know what that word means, but he’s weird.” — Canadian centre Brayden Schenn, on whether his Canadian world juniors roommate, Louis Leblanc, was eccentric.“In politics you’re like a toilet seat. You’re up one day, you’re down the next.” — Councillor Doug Ford being coy about whether he will run again for city council.Re: Canada Seeks To Establish Military Post In Singapore, June 2.It’s interesting that the Harper government is spending money on expanding the military at the same time it is cutting funding for the Experimental Lakes Area environmental lab in Canada’s north.

The priority of this government is clearly evident: more military, less environmental protection.Don’t blame me, I voted NDP. John P. Nightingale, Lethbridge Alta.Last July, Emily Dawson, then 17, was enrolled in a summer course of Career and Life Management at McNally High School. No Alberta high school student can graduate without taking CALM, a mandatory course.It’s an apt coincidence. The storied Via Veneto was the hub of Rome’s swinging ’60s heyday and its star-studded nightlife had all the exuberance of a gin fizz.

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” — Councillor Doug Ford being coy about whether he will run again for city council
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